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The #1 employee engagement app.

Create a hub of easy-to-access employee resources, improve corporate communication, and boost employee engagement and satisfaction.

Clowder® clients have increased:

News distribution and readership
Employee career development
Employee retention and satisfaction
Engagement with company leadership

The new ASI Connect app allowed us to reach our goal of a paperless event at our iNNOVATIONS conference this year. The app made both attending and working the event much smoother. We were able to make announcements instantly and keep all important information in one place, which offered great convenience to attendees and staff. We are excited to continue using the app throughout the year to keep everyone in the iMIS community well connected!

Debbie Willis, Marketing Operations Manager, ASI


Working with the team at Clowder was smooth sailing. We were able to turn Clowder’s base ‘membership’ app into a fully functioning Talent Pool Engagement Platform within a short span of time. With ELEVATE Mobile Direct, our clients are now able to build skill-specific pools of experienced resources and engage with them directly throughout the year as contingent labor needs arise.”

Gary Allhusen, SVP Strategic Operations, Elevated Resources

You can’t help but be reminded of Facebook after a few seconds of using WhoHub. It even has “like,” “bookmark” and “share” functions. This isn’t a problem and in fact, helps make the app that much more familiar to new users.

Craig C. Rowe, Inman